Desparate Plea…pass it on!!

Alright… I’m still here and still kicking cosmo-school butt!!  No time for a proper fill in the details post…

For now, I leave you with a heart-felt plea…  Help a poor college girl out??


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This was a fingerwave design for an assignment.


An Swirl Bang Up-do, for a creative up-do assignment.


Another creative up-do assignment, my version an exaggerated victory rolls.


Some Halloweenie nail art…


My first attempt at 3D nail art…pretty happy with it.


And because I can’t wait for Halloween (and I’m a consistent vampire fan)… I made a super creepy fang pendant out of nail acrylic.

12 weeks in…

…and things are going GREAT!!!!

I love….LOVE…being on the salon floor.  I am learning, having fun, working with people, working with my hands and being creative…what is better than that??  Nothing, I tell you…not one thing.

The past six weeks have been a blur of State Board procedures.  It was hard and fast and turned me into a stress mess…but I made it through with my sanity intact.  Did I ace it, hells no…did I pass, yes.  (whew!!)  I didn’t expect to ace it, so I’m okay with it.  But, I had hoped to do better than I think I did.  Meh.  It was a learning experience and what matters is what I take from it and how I grow…not how well I did or didn’t do.

I am excited to keep moving forward.  There are things I need to work on, like selling retail products.  *I* know how important it is to use salon quality products, it’s just convincing my clients that they are worth the extra money.  That’s tough in these hard times.  Why spend the $10 on this bottle of shampoo when you can get one at the drug store for $3…???  BECAUSE IT IS A BETTER PRODUCT THAT WILL DO SO MUCH MORE FOR YOU.  You will use less and get better results. That’s why.  But, it’s a hard sell.  I shudder to think that someone might believe that I am trying to “sell” them…but I’m not.  It is truly so much better quality and the difference is amazing.  I have to say, I didn’t believe it at first either.  I was a die-hard cheapskate when it came to products…before I came to school.  Now…no way….salon quality goods all the way for me.  I can’t even begin to stress the difference in my hair.  How much healthier it is and how much better it feels.  I’m not kidding, folks.  Trust your stylist.  Really.

Let her/him educate you on the products…how to use them, when to use them, and what to use when.  One “size” does NOT fit all in the beauty product world.  Let them educate you on your hair, how to properly care for it.  For instance…  I have very (VERY) fine hair, slightly oily at the scalp, but dry at the ends.  I always thought that I needed a moisturizing shampoo and heavy conditioner and needed to wash my hair everyday…turns out, that fine hair usually has more natural moisture in it and I was weighing my hair down and stripping all the natural oils out by over washing making it drab and lank.  Now, I use a color safe shampoo and conditioner and wash every other day (sometimes even stretching it to two days in between)…I use a little leave-in conditioner on the ends for the extra help they need.  My hair is SO HAPPY with me!!  It’s shiny and healthy.  If I have a day that I am not washing, but it seems a bit oily, I use a little dry shampoo…that stuff is made of awesome.  Just a bit at the roots and BAM, I’m good to go.

So…talk to your stylist about your hair…and then trust what they say.  That is why we are paying the big bucks…to help you look your best…to be as comfortable styling your hair as we are, to take control and own your hair…so you can look as good everyday as you do when you leave our chair.

Be fabulous!

Into Week 4, Salon

Wow…the time is FLYING!!!  Things move much faster in Salon, it seems.  Even with the chaos of the remodeling, things seem to be going smoothly (albeit a bit insane) due to the amazing direction of Ms Jen.  She is a brilliant conductor of our little student symphony…the glue that keeps us all together.  Thank goodness!!  : )

The remodel is really shaping up!  We have the main section of stations in and useable…and the new shampoo bowls.  The manicure area, dryer area and possibly more stations (?) toward the back of the school are underway right now.  I, personally, cannot wait for those new mani tables!!  Finally, lamps!!!!  YAY!!!  Let there be LIGHT!!  My only wish is that we were getting pedi-spa chairs…even one or two…that would really be awesome and make the pedi experience SO MUCH better for both client and student.  Oh well…can’t have it all!!

So far I have done seven cuts, a manicure/nail art, and a brow wax.  I feel pretty good about my progress and my growing comfort level.  I have a few more friends with appointments over the next few days and I can’t wait!!

Here’s a photo of the first mani I did on a non-student client!!


Salon Floor – Week 2 DONE!!

Last night was the end of my second week on the floor.  I feel SO friggin’ good!  In two weeks, I’ve had six clients and it has rocked!  Time really does fly when you’re having fun!   To top it off, the fun is learning…  Yeah.  I’m a happy campy hot pink zebra printed chickapoo!

So, six clients…five of which are brave friends…whom I adore with all my heart.  It’s been awesome.  The only mistake I’ve made was on the very first cut, bangs shorter than she wanted…but I know exactly what my problem was and I won’t ever do it again.  AND, I have learned so much from the following five cuts that, if she came back to me, I would really make that cut pop!!  (Next time Kristi…next time!!) Except for my first cut, all my clients have had hella thick hair…like, HELLA THICK.  It’s been a challenge, but I rocked it…I think!  : )

NOTE TO SELF:  Find friends with thinner hair!  ; )

Right now, I’m sitting in Baltimore, at Cafe Hon on The Avenue in Hampden.  It’s an awesome cafe on an awesome shop filled street in an awesome neighborhood in an awesome city. (think I could have fit another “awesome” in there?)  Sometimes I really miss living in Baltimore…but it’s nice to spend the day here once in a while (and what a gorgeous day!)  Right now, I’m working on my homework, a tech sheet with a few reports about perming, (blog break aside). In just a bit I’ll be hanging with my super-talented beadwork friend Julia for the day, then dinner with friends at my favorite restaurant ever, Amicci’s.  You like Italian food???  GO!!!  Try the Pane’ Rotundo!!!  OMG.

Anyway, back to the homework!!!

Happy weekend!!!!


I cannot believe that it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  No excuse, really…just didn’t realize it’s been MONTHS.  Time flies.

My life, for the past few months has been a roller coaster of good and bad.  My Mom’s illness, being unemployed…have really hit me hard.  I am keeping my head up, but some days my head is pretty heavy.  Good thing I have school…it’s been a blessing and a escape for me.  I go and focus and forget about everything else for four hours a night.  I love it.  With all the fiber of my being, I love it!!

So…I have finished Pre-Salon.  I can’t believe it.  The time has gone by SO fast and I’ve learned so much.  My head is crammed FULL of stuff!  I love it…the learning of new things.  I could learn new things forever (and will…firm believer in ‘you never stop learning’).  I think that is one thing that really attracts me to this business…the constant need to learn all the new trends, techniques…all the continued education that is needed to stay relevant in the field.  I love that!

Okay, that was a tangent…back on track!!  Where was I….oh yeah,  I am now on the  floor.  I am excited, terrified, sad and happy all at once.  Excited to get my hands dirty… Terrified to mess up… Sad to leave Ms. S’s room and all my friends that are still there…  Happy that I’ve come so far…

I have just finished my first week on the salon floor and it’s been interesting to say the least!  I walked in Monday to find the school under remodeling!!  Excited for the new salon in five (or so) weeks, but right now…what chaos!  LOL  We are still taking clients and we are using classrooms and we’re spread out all over the place…BUT, Ms Jen is holding us all together like a Trooper!!  She’s awesome!!  I have been so excited to work under her!  She’s tough, honest and doesn’t do drama…all that I love and respect.  AND, I truly believe she’s the best teacher this school has.  Not that the other teachers are shabby, by any means…  In my humble opinion, I feel so very lucky to get to work with her.  She just has one of those personalities that make you want to do better, work harder and learn more.  She’s awesome!

So…all in all… I LOVE NAILS!!!!!  If I had known then what I know now, I prolly would have just done a nail tech program…but I’m glad I didn’t.  I am glad that I am learning everything else, too.  I enjoy working with hair (especially color!!), but nails hold a special place in my heart….not to mention, I am DAMN good at them.  Better than anything else we’ve done.  (Come in, I’ll give you a rockin’ set and awesome hand painted nail art!!)

I’ll leave it for now…

Have happiness and be fabulous!

Okay, okay…


So, I have really been neglecting my blog the past few months, I know.  I am going to try to get back into it.  I have been dealing with a lot emotionally lately, with my Mom being sick, being out of work and all.  But, I’m picking myself up and dusting myself off…  Keep calm and carry on, right?  Yup.

So, let me fill you in… No, no…there is to much, let me sum up.

Haircutting went okay.  I need more practice to feel comfortable with it.  I didn’t do badly, got good grades on it, actually… I just want to be  more comfy with it, that’s all.  I will say, I love doing men’s cuts!  Clippers are FUN!!  LOL

Now we’re are back on nails.  If you remember that is what we started with… BUT, they (Empire) has (very smartly, I think) added nail enhancements to the Pre-Salon curriculum, so we are doing the nail section again, with the addition of acrylic and fiber wrapped nails.  I’ve been playing with nail art like crazy and you would NOT believe my polish stash!! HA!!  Here are a few of the nail art designs I’ve done…  I still need practice, these are all “first try” attempts…but I am getting much better at painting on such a small “canvas”.


By far, nails are my favorite thing, tho we haven’t done color yet!!  I cannot wait to get my hands on the color pot!!



Yes, I’m still here…

Oy…so yeah… I’ve been quiet lately…silent, actually.  Why?  Stuff…things…meh.

So, when last I really posted, we were in hair cutting. It went well, tho I didn’t have my normal high grade.  And let me tell you why, this is a vent, warning.

At Empire, if you miss a test, you are not allowed to make it up unless you have a doctor’s note.  I missed a test due to a friend passing away…and I could not make up the test.  BULLSHIT.  Utter crap.  We are adults, PAYING for an education and sometimes emergencies that have NOTHING to do with a Doctor come up.  A friend died, dammit…died…and my grade is lower than it should be.  Not cool, Empire, not cool at all.  I am a damn good student, there every day and there early, I pay attention, respect my class and instructors…and yet, I miss ONE NIGHT and am completely docked for it.  I could have made up the hours, but not the work.  I am very upset this…more so than I care to put in my blog.  I will take my 82% and keep the rest of my thoughts to myself.  BULLSHIT.

Moving on…  Althougth hair cutting went well… I don’t feel like there was enough time in this section…but, it is what it is. I wish I had the money to buy a few more mannequin heads to practice on.  Oh well.

We are in skin care and make-up right now.  This past week we’ve done student exchange facials and massages.  Nice…very nice!!  This whole next week is Make-Up Application… FUN STUFF!!  A lot more involved than you’d imagine.  Learning how to use color, shading and highlighting to detract from and bring out features.  It’s pretty cool.

OH!!! I almost forgot!!!!  We had a holiday hair style competition and I took second place!!  I’ll post photo’s when I can!  I know, I know…I suck at posting photos!!

Okay… Wow..

So , yeah… I’ve been quiet.  There has been so much going on in my life the past few weeks that I could barely process it all.  Just to give you an idea…

Right before Thanksgiving I was informed that my temp job would be ending at the end of the year.  At Christmas.  Nice.  So for the past month I have been stressing over that and job hunting while working and going to school.

The first weekend in December was the last two performances for my band and between the two, one of our band members…while in my car, has a massive heart attack.  He died a few days later and we, the band, performed at his funeral service.  That was one of the hardest and most moving things I have ever done.  So, now we have job hunt, work, school, grief…

In the midst of all this, my Mom has been dealing with a mysterious illness that has effected her legs.  At first, they think MS…after much testing it is actually her breast cancer (from 7 years ago) that has come back metastasized in her bones.  My Mom has cancer again.  Seems weird to wish some one had MS…  So…now…job hunt, work, school, grief, and worry beyond reason….

And now I have a cold.  : (  ::whine::

BUT…this is a blog about school…not for me to whine about my life!  HA!!  So, how’s school…?  School is great.  School is my haven…my place to get away and it gives me things to do that totally occupy my brain, leaving no room for the other crap.  School is wonderful.  I love it.

We are still in the hair cutting section, but not for much longer.  I’m holding my own, but do NOT feel ready for this section to end.  I did a good job on all the cuts first time thru (except the 90 degree…which I got the hang of at the END of the cut…did fine the next time we did it).  I just don’t feeling like doing these cuts once or twice makes us even vaguely ready to be on the floor.  It kinda sucks.  It feels very assembly-line…which makes me sad.  I totally understand there has got to be some sort of time frame involved, but spending a wee bit more time on the hardest thing we do…and less time, say…putting in roller sets…would be a very good thing.  I feel like I got WAY more practice at rollers than I do with cutting and that seems ridiculous to me.  ::sigh::  What do I know, I’m only a student…?

No photo’s for you….never remember to take any.  I suck.  LOL

We are having a Holiday Hair competition at school this coming Thursday…so I promise to take photo’s then!!!!!

You will prolly not hear from me until after Christmas, so I wish everyone a merry and a bright holiday!!!

Be safe and be fabulous!